Overclockers UK Evolution Envy Mini Gaming PC Review

CPU & Memory Performance

Cinebench R15

In terms of multi-threading, the system’s i7 4790K falls behind the enthusiast-class X99 CPUs and Intel’s latest Skylake chipset. Despite this, the CPU and OpenGL benchmarks are more than adequate for gaming purposes, video content creation and other commonly used demanding workloads.

Super Pi

The system’s 4.5 GHz overclock vastly enhances single-threaded capabilities and outperformed a lower clocked X99 CPU. Additionally, the margin between the 6700K and 4790K is dramatically reduced and shows how similar the chips are when fully maxing out 1 core.

AIDA64 Engineer

The 2400 MHz RAM elevates the Evolution Envy Mini above other DDR3 systems but lingers behind the DDR4 results. This isn’t a surprising revelation and the RAM speed even at 1333 MHz isn’t a bottleneck in gaming situations. Furthermore, very few applications will use the extra throughput going from high-speed DDR3 to DDR4.