Overclockers UK Evolution Envy Mini Gaming PC Review

Synthetic Benchmarks

PC Mark 8

The scores in PCMark 8 are ridiculously close as any of the tested systems can easily cope with low-horsepower, daily desktop tasks. Clearly, the Evolution Envy Mini’s results are within a margin of error and only distinguishable in synthetic benchmarks.


During intensive gaming benchmarks, the system performed admirably, despite its small stature and recorded the best results we’ve seen from a GTX 970-powered machine. Furthermore, the figures are strikingly close to the PC Specialist Vortex which features an X99 motherboard and GTX 980 graphics card. Given the system’s tiny size, this is a very impressive feat.

Unigine Heaven

The Evolution Envy Mini achieves excellent numbers in Heaven 4.0 and emphasizes the price to performance sweet-spot from the GTX 970. As expected, the higher end cards perform better but it’s not by a colossal amount to warrant any concern at this price range.