Ouya console to feature OnLive support

The $99 Android gaming console, Ouya, is to get an optional OnLive service integrated into its design. The company that makes Ouya, FuseProject, has agreed a deal with OnLive to bring the online game streaming service to the console.

This will mean that the Ouya console will be able to shoot well above its weight in terms of the games it can let users play, for a monthly OnLive subscription cost. Users will be able to pick from the full OnLive library of blockbuster games starting as soon as the Ouya console officially launches.

OnLive has also promised instant demos with up to 30 minutes of gameplay for nearly every game that will be supported, including Ravaged and Darksiders II title. Currently the Ouya project has $5.5 million of funding, but there are still 40,000 Ouya consoles available for $99 should you want to get involved.

With OnLive offering a “traditional” level of console class gaming and lots of free to play Android games it really does look like an even more attractive proposition.

In case you aren’t aware of what OnLive is, you can check out our review of the OnLive system here. 

In addition to announcing OnLive integration, FuseProject also unveil some new pictures of the console and its controller. You can see those below: