The Onion Breaks Real Story

Oh the irony of this news which turns out that satirical website The Onion has apparently and accidentally broken a genuine breaking news story, which must have been a surprise to the editorial team.

The Onion published their standard comic style of article stating that the US had offered Israel a “nice big shipment of weapons” to try to abate its anger of the Iran nuclear Deal. It was a good piece until just 24 hours later there were reports in the standard truthful-ish media outlets that there were suspicions of this happening in real life. This was particularly noted by Israeli newspaper Haaretz, who compared the similarity to its own story which was published the following day that carried the headline, “Obama offers military upgrade to help Israel swallow bitter Iranian deal”.

Officials at the Pentagon have delivered a repost to these allegations by briefing the media over the weekend that, in fact, Israel would not be offered any weapons to make up for the Iran deal.

Sometimes satire has a funny way of holding a mirror up and predicting what is in fact true. If there were private negotiations behind the scenes between the US and Israel, then both sides would not publicly admit to it. Next time I’m going to think twice about that report of President Obama inventing jet boots before flying to the moon and high fiving an alien.

Thank You The Independent for providing us with this information

Image Courtesy of haaretz