OnePlus 10000mAh Mobile USB Power Bank Review

Final Thoughts


Well, I must admit that my jaw hit the floor when I saw this, but the price of the OnePlus Power Bank is a crazy affordable £13.99/$14.99/€15.99 and you can order it directly from OnePlus. This is insanely competitive and put simply, you won’t find anything at all for less.


The OnePlus Power Bank may not sound like the most exciting product ever, and that’s because it isn’t. Nobody wants to rely on an extra gadget just to make sure their other one doesn’t die by the end of the day, but unfortunately, a world of high-powered devices with struggling batteries is the one we live in.  Of course, modern smartphones can often go a day or two without too much trouble, at least if you’re not using it for demanding tasks all the time, but lets be honest, we all love a few games, a few videos and before you know it, you’re out of power again.

The OnePlus offers up a huge amount of power, which will charge any high-end smartphone such as the OnePlus, Xperia series, iPhone, Galaxy and more at least two times, although most will get a three full charges from near 0% power. If like me, you charge your phone every other day, that means the OnePlus will free me from a plug socket for a whole week! That’s a big help if you’re traveling, stuck in the office, in a foreign country and a whole host of other scenarios.

At this price, the OnePlus makes a mockery of the competition with exceptional design and build quality. It’s incredibly lightweight given its capacity and it works perfectly; it’s easily the best power bank I’ve ever tested.


  • Great build quality
  • Stylish design
  • Incredibly low price
  • Huge capacity


  • None

“It’s as simple as this, if you buy a Power Bank and it’s not the OnePlus, you must be crazy. This much quality and capacity at such a low price is very hard to ignore.”

OnePlus 10000mAh Mobile USB Power Bank Review

Thank you OnePlus for providing us with this sample.