OnePlus 10000mAh Mobile USB Power Bank Review


When connected to your device, you’ll see four small LED lights on the edge of the OnePlus. These lights let you know how much charge remains in the battery, with one light being 25% and four lights being 100%. If you want to check remaining capacity at any time, just give the battery a little shake and the lights will come back on.

The flat cable is really easy to manage and the shorter cable length is just enough to reach to your device, without being bulky to become a pest if stored in your pocket or bag.

Overall, this is one of the best quality mobile batteries I’ve seen.

It takes a little over 5 hours to fully charge the OnePlus Power Bank, which is perfectly reasonable given its sizable capacity and it’ll hold that charge for weeks on end with very little loss. I was able to charge my Sony Xperia Z3 from 5% battery to 100% in one hour, which is very good and easily on par with using a mains attached charger. What is impressive is that I was able to charge the Z3 in this fashion three full times and still have a tiny bit of battery left over at the end in the power bank. Of course, unless you’re running your mobile with full brightness and playing high-end games all day long, it’s unlikely you’ll need to charge that many times in a day, but if you’re away from home, traveling, out camping or simply forget to put your phone on charge every night, it’s possible that the Power Bank could keep you going for the working week without ever needing to pit stop at a plug socket.

The unit does get warm when you’re charging your device, but that’s true of any battery device. What I am glad to see, or should I say feel, is that it doesn’t get as hot as some competing devices, so it’s a little more comfortable to keep in your pocket while charging.

The grippy and lightweight design also means you can hold it in the same hand as your phone, meaning it’s not impossible to make a phone call while you’re charging your device; you’ll just look a little silly at the worst.