One In Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade To Windows 7 Says Report

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A report by Paul Thurrott of has revealed some interesting things. He estimates from his data and calculations that there are approximately 88.5 million Windows 8 users out of 1.5 billion PCs – so roughly 6% of PC users run Windows 8. Based on Microsoft’s claims on what it has shipped and sold in terms of Windows 8 licenses Paul Thurrott calculates that 141 million Windows 8 licenses have been shipped to global buyers. However, with only 88.5 million Windows 8 users that means about 50 million licenses have just vanished.

Where have these gone? Paul Thurrott says that this differential proves that one in three Windows 8 users downgrade to Windows 7 and this is proven he says by the fact that Windows 7 has held a more or less constant market share over the last year. Those that actually use Windows 8 and then stick with it mainly seem to be those that have come from older declining operating systems like Windows Vista and Windows XP.

Have you tested Windows 8 and decided to go back to Windows 7? Or do you use Windows 8 and you’ve come from Windows 7?

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2 Comments on One In Three Windows 8 Users Downgrade To Windows 7 Says Report

  • Avatar Louisdo says:

    Our household have been using win7 for a couple of years, and have all found it quite easy to use. We have just bought a new laptop with win8 installed, and cannot come to terms with the UI. Most of the navigation interface seems to make finding what you want more complicated.

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    I use both. Personally it doesn’t make a difference to me which one I use but I wouldn’t recommend upgrading to 8 if you’re happy with 7. You’re not missing out on much (start button notwithstanding) contrary to what MS would have you believe.

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