Office for iPad Recieves PDF and Image Tools

Users of Microsoft’s Office on iPad can now export files as a PDF on the mobile platform, this has been a heavily requested feature since it first became available on IOS. This isn’t the only feature that the update brings, all apps within the Office range can now crop images to focus them on areas you wish to drawn focus to and every app now supports third party fonts, just in case there isn’t one you like pre-installed.

Excel also gets improved support for external keyboards and support for “Flick to Select” so you can select data in a cell with a flick of your finger. The new features for Word include the Picture Tools, fonts, and PDF feature. PowerPoint received more improvements with a new Presenter View, new presenter tools for highlighting and drawing, and more. So now you can do almost anything you want with the Office suite on IOS that you can do on a regular PC, just shows how far the mobile platform is coming in terms of usability. Obviously there are more updates to come with Office for IOS that will bring more features that you request but i’m afraid you’ll just have to wait for Mr paperclip on your iPad.

Thanks to Tweaktown for supplying is with this information

Image courtesy of Tweaktown.