Ofcom is Standing up for Slow Broadband Users

The UK is a relatively small place when compared to the likes of Russia, USA and China. This is evident when you consider that 77% of UK adults have broadband installed in their homes in the UK compared to a comparatively small 70% in the USA.

So with such a small ground coverage, the UK Internet Service Providers (ISPs) are all covering the same areas, offering some places super-fast broadband, while others in more rural areas are getting stuck with slower internet speeds.

Up until now, if you signed up for 19 – 30Mb, but only received 17Mb; you could complain to your ISP and hope they will either increase your speed, reduce your bill or terminate your contract. Today is a turning point where Ofcom, UK communications regulator, has announced that if you are not receiving the paid speeds; you can cancel your contract, even mid-term. This will govern all of the major providers such as BT, Sky, EE, TalkTalk, etc…however, Virgin Media is excluded as this new plan only covers copper and Fibre based broadband up to 80Mbps.

Along with this, Ofcom also plans to make it easier for customers to switch provider. Starting from June 20th, it will put more power in the hands of the ISP you plan to change to, rather than from. If you are using a traditional BT phone line, you can simply jump between the major providers using Ofcom’s new “one touch” process. It plans on offering the same for mobile contracts, but that will come to light next month.

Thank you engadget for providing us with this information.