OCZ Will Unveil New TLC-Based Trion 100 SATA Client SSD at Computex

We’ve seen a lot of amazing things from OCZ since they became part of Toshiba, the last being the impressive new Z-Drive 6300 NVMe add-in card. The Z-Drive is mostly aimed at businesses and data centers, but that doesn’t mean that OCZ has forgotten their consumer-class fans.

During this year’s Computex in Taipei, OCZ will demonstrate their new value-oriented option, the Trion 100 SSDs. These drives are built to provide an easy and affordable way for entry-level users to optimize their mobile or desktop systems.

The Trion 100 series is based on Triple Cell (TLC) NAND made by Toshiba in their A19 TLC flash technology. The drives will also utilize Toshiba’s own Alishan SSD controller, making it another complete in-house designed drive.

The Trion 100’s preliminary performance ratings don’t sound bad at all after we’ve heard the terms budget and affordable. Sequential transfer speeds are measured up to 550MB/s and random 4K performance clocks up to 91,000 read IOPS.

“Computex is the ideal venue for us to unveil our upcoming TLC NAND-based Trion 100 SSDs,” said Alex Mei, CMO and GM of the Client Business at OCZ Storage Solutions. “By leveraging controller and TLC NAND technology from Toshiba, we are pleased to be able to bring to market the exciting new Trion 100 SSD Series which will offer end-users an optimal mix of performance, features, and value, making it easier than ever for value-conscious consumers to leverage the benefits of a high quality yet affordable SSD that delivers improved desktop and mobile computing experiences.”

OCZ will be demonstrating the new Trion 100 series, but also the NVMe Z-Drive 6000 series and probably a few more surprises. We’ll make sure to check it all out for you in our event coverage.