OCZ Vertex 4 128GB Solid State Drive Review

PCMark 7 includes 7 PC tests combining more than 25 individual workloads covering storage, computation, image and video manipulation, web browsing and gaming. Specifically designed to cover the full range of PC hardware from netbooks and tablets to notebooks and desktops, PCMark 7 offers complete PC performance testing for Windows for home and business use.

PCMark 7 provides a set of 7 PC tests for measuring different aspects of PC performance with a high degree of accuracy. Overall system performance is measured by the PCMark test. The Lightweight test measures the capabilities of entry level systems and mobility platforms unable to run the full PCMark test. Common use performance is measured by the Entertainment, Creativity and Productivity tests. Component performance is measured by the Computation and Storage hardware tests. One can rely on the Storage test to test SSDs and external hard drives, as well as the system drive.

Like when we do NAS tests, doing the real world maximum speeds is one thing, but its always good to see how well the drive performs under specific tasks as we can see above.