Oculus Swings Ban Hammer After Catching People Selling Pre-Orders, Again.

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It was only one week ago that Oculus VR suspended all pre-orders and cancelled all shipments to China after it was discovered the people were reselling their hardware for a profit, or at least ordering the hardware with the intention of reselling it. Now the ban hammer comes out again as Oculus spot even more people selling their Rift pre-orders!

DK2 is just getting ready to ship right now and Oculus are already having trouble meeting the high demand for their new hardware, which has already passed 40,000 pre-orders. Impressive for something that is only really intended for developers, not for consumers, least not until the Consumer Rift is release late next year (date uncomfirmed).

Listings on eBay (now removed) were asking for $5000 for their DK2 pre-order! This is a huge mark-up over the $350 asking price. Genuine Oculus customers were pissed that people were trying to sell their place in the waiting line for the hardware, managed to squeeze a few details from the eBay seller and passed it onto Oculus.

“Don’t worry guys. We found him and we cancelled his order.” said the Oculus Community Manager.”

“Just so everyone is clear, the information provided alone was not enough to take action. We perform our own investigations with tools at our disposal to make sure that there isn’t a false positive. Our community is awesome! Thank you for helping us make sure that we are getting kits into the hands of devs and shutting down profiteers.” Added their Community Service Lead.

Oculus have since confirmed they have cancelled even more pre-orders as their investigations continue, as well as stomping on those who snagged multiple pre-orders to resell, banning their entire orders in the process.

This pleases me a lot, I’m waiting in line for my DK2  to be shipped and perhaps now I won’t have to wait quite as long.

Thank you Tech Crunch for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Tech Crunch.

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