Oculus Rift DK2 VR Headset Review

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Oculus VR is one of the hottest technology companies of a generation, promising huge innovations in the way we consume content such as computer games and movies. While their consumer ready CV1 (Consumer Version 1) Oculus Rift technology is still not ready, we have been fortunate enough to get our hands on their DK2 development kit hardware. The DK2 hardware is a pre-release model for testing of the general hardware and software components, allowing developers to create games that are Oculus-ready for when CV1 launches in around 12 months (estimate).

The DK2 brings some very important hardware updates when compared to the DK1 Oculus Rift headset. The resolution is higher, now offering 960 x 1080 resolution per eye @ 75Hz with low persistence; this promises smoother performance, less motion blur and a reduction in the screen-door effect that plagued the DK1 headset.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 18.13.28

Another major update for the DK2 is the near Infrared CMOS Sensor. This is a webcam style device that detects a range of infrared lights inside the headset to allow positional tracking; more explanation on that part shortly.

Screenshot 2014-09-30 18.13.19

The packaging on the DK2 is pretty straight forward, a rather plain brown box.


On the interior you’ll find some egg-carton style packing material around a smaller inner box.


The DK2 packaging is designed to act as a carry case; not the best, but better than just throwing it in a drawer under your desk.


There’s custom cut protective foam throughout the interior of the packaging.


Each component is split into its own section and wrapped in protective plastic.


There are even more components tucked away under the top layer.


And even more in the very bottom.


In the box you will find the DK2 headset, two sets on lenses, the camera, a cleaning cloth, some cables and a user setup guide.


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3 Comments on Oculus Rift DK2 VR Headset Review

  • Avatar Wayne says:

    It’s innovative alright but now is not the time to get knock kneed over it and throw your money around because it’ll still get a lot better. I’ve tried and to be honest I was very impressed but I’d still wait until it matures and there’s a lot more content, not to mention the fact the more prices will drop the more widespread it becomes.

  • Avatar Mr. Shoe says:

    As a DK2 owner, I would say that it is true that the initial setup is straight forward enough. The main problem is with each game that you want to play. Some require that the Rift is setup as your primary, while some secondary, and then you have the “Direct to HMD” mode versus the “extend the desktop” modes. These additional options create the problems that you WILL have to negotiate with. Other than that, I would fully agree with the article….If you love new tech and don’t mind troubleshooting problems, then buy this now. Otherwise wait for a consumer friendly version.

  • Avatar ShaneMcGrath says:

    Still not there resolution wise to be fully immersive, Need minimum of 1440p or I hope they hold off and go for 4k.
    Maybe they can have 2 consumer versions, Entry level 1080p that every kid can afford, And a high end version 1440 or 4k the rest of us nerds will happily throw money at!
    Latency is almost good enough now, If they can get it even lower then all he better and some folks won’t be getting motion sickness as easy as the first kit.
    Really looking forward to VR if it’s done right, It will be a game changer quite literally.
    Not like the 3d gimmick which had the odd good game but mainly a poor and buggy experience!

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