OcUK Delivery Service In Action At Insomnia i49

OcUK Delivery Service In Action At Insomnia i49

Insomnia i49: Over the last few LANs here at Telford, Mark and his team at Overclockers UK have been offering a delivery to your desk service that allows anyone attending the LAN to order anything they like from the OcUK website and have it delivered straight to them at their desk – for FREE! The same day delivery service has been growing in popularity over the last few events and last night (Friday) for their evening delivery slot, there was no less than two and a half pallets arrive to site.

Some gamers are far too keen to get a hold of their OcUK goodies and one or two even came straight to the delivery door to get hold of their kit.

After a little sorting into halls, the first crate of goodies is heading its way to the main hall ready for delivery to the desk.

Tonight’s first person takes hold of his purchase from Mark.

Some people are way too excited to receive their goodies, as these guys clearly are with the delivery of a mouse from Steve.

Remember that if you’re at LAN, there are two deliverys each day, at around 1pm and 5pm and after sticking your goodies into your basket on the OcUK site, select delivery to i49 as your delivery option and your bits will be flying their way to you very soon. Giraffes not included.


Stay tuned as we have more coverage for you from OcUK and the rest of i49 here in Telford. Be sure to check out the live gallery where you can get a quick glimpse of the action as we see it here: http://www.eteknix.com/insomnia-i49-summer-2013-live-gallery