Nvidia’s Ira FaceWork Tech Demo Is Now Available

Good news for Nvidia fans, especially those who love a good tech demo. Nvidia has just released their recent FaceWork Tech Demo and it’s available for all members of the public to download and test the capabilities of their graphics card.

now this isn’t like a benchmark such as Unigine or 3DMark, but it is a great way of seeing some of the latest graphics processing techniques that your new graphics card is capable of and while this will work on a few older Nvidia GPU’s is certainly going to benefit from the higher end of the GTX 6xx range (eg: 660ti and above).

The new demo is more an interactive demo and it allows you to see Ira in a range of lighting environments, the three environments combine with adjustable skin rendering effects that change the sub surface light transmission though the texture of the skin.

This might all sound a bit confusing and “sub surface light transmission” aren’t the sort of thing people tend to use in casual conversation, but in more common terms it offers realistic lighting of skin, making people look more photorealistic in what ever environment you place them, with the ambient light illuminating the skin naturally as it would in the real world, or at least better than has been achieved before.

The new technology used is able to photographically capture facial geometry, detail, lighting and more without the usual facial markers or special makeup, this allows developers and designers to capture the real scene of a motion capture scene or performance and turn it into a realistic real time computer generated image much faster, easier and more accurately than before.

It’s not a big download either and after a 309MB download you can try it out yourself, so long as you have a DX11 card of course! Keep in mind that you will need to enable AFR2 if you have an SLI capable system otherwise your multi-card setup will not be fully utilised in this demo.

You can download the tech demo from GURU3D.