Nvidia Show Off Kepler Mobile Running Battlefield 3

by - 9 years ago

Battlefield 3

Nvidia’s CEO Jen Hsun Huang has been showing off the companies next generation mobile graphics processing chip, simply named “Kepler Mobile”. Speaking at Nvidia’s company investor day Huang said that Nvidia has been making large investments in transforming their Kepler desktop graphics into equivalent mobile forms and the end result has been Kepler Mobile.


Nvidia have reportedly managed to reduce the size and power consumption of the Kepler chip to the point where it can run on just “hundreds of milliwatts” of power as opposed to the “dozens of watts” that desktop PC graphics use. This Kepler Mobile chip was demo’d running Battlefield 3 and it means Kepler Mobile could enable Smartphones and Tablets to run Direct X 11 graphics. This opens up a whole world of possibility for genuine gaming on tablets and smartphones.


Huang said “We want[ed] to get multiple years ahead of the competition, It was worth the sacrifice”. Nvidia supposedly delayed other products and priorities in order to move Kepler mobile forward at a faster pace. In the demonstration Huang compared Kepler Mobile running Battlefield 3 against the best that the iPad can do in terms of graphics which he described as “Vintage 1999”


As impressive as this all sounds we don’t think smartphones will be running Battlefield 3 anytime soon but tablets certainly look like they could fit these graphics processors inside them. We aren’t sure when these will come to market or how much they will cost but if they can offer high performance DX 11 graphics to the mobile market then this looks set to change the game in a radical way.

What are your thoughts on Kepler Mobile?


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