NVIDIA Shield 2 Launch Set for August

NVIDIA’s Project Shield is without a doubt a huge success and as you can see from our reviews on this compact gaming system (Shield full review, emulation on the Shield, games to play on the loo and Shield as a desktop replacement) it is simply one of our favourite tech gadgets to have at the moment.

With the Shield being undoubtedly popular, who would NVIDIA be if they were not to bring out a fresher updated model at some stage. As it happens they are doing just that and next month we will see the second generation console hitting the shelves.

Built around NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 SoC, the Shield 2 will offer users 16GB of internal memory and 4GB RAM with the capability to stream 1080p content at 60Hz to a connected display. Like the current Shield though, the performance that you experience on the console is largely down to the performance of your desktop gaming system so don’t be surprised if you get laggy performance if you’re running newer games on a yester-year spec. In addition to streaming over a local network the second gen unit is set to offer streaming over the internet and like all things, the connection that you have at home will have a considerable impact on what you can play.

As far as the Android status goes, there is no conformation that Android L is to be featured along with the AEP (Android Expansion Pack) so there is really going to be a lot more to see on that front for now. Although we know that next month will see the new units coming to market, there is not any word as of yet on the pricing, obviously it will demand a premium over the first gen units, but how much of a premium is yet to be announced.

Source: WCCFTech