NVIDIA Releases 362.00 GameReady Driver For Far Cry Primal

The early pre-release footage from Far Cry Primal and press coverage indicates the game has some extremely high requirements especially on higher resolutions. It’s relatively easy to blame Ubisoft given their terrible reputation with optimization, but it’s important to remember that up to this point, there wasn’t any driver specifically released for Far Cry Primal. Thankfully, NVIDIA has just unveiled their latest WHQL GameReady driver for Far Cry Primal and it will be interesting to see if this makes a substantial difference to the current level of performance.

NVIDIA’s 362.00 driver also provides the necessary performance enhancements for Dying Light and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Even though Dying Light’s base game has been out for some time, the expansion entitled, “The Following” is fairly new and probably has some areas in need of fine-tuning. Hopefully, this latest driver should create a smoother frame-rate and provide a more consistent user-experience. Rather surprisingly, Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has gone under the radar, and perhaps this is down to its exclusivity clause on the Windows Store. Furthermore, there’s been a lot of news from Microsoft today regarding their new PC focus. Perhaps this has overawed the game’s release, which is a shame.

At the time of writing, there are some major problems with Gears of War: Ultimate Edition with AMD GPUs but this doesn’t seem to occur on NVIDIA cards with the latest driver installed. As a result, it’s important to download the 362.00 GameReady driver to ensure your PC doesn’t encounter any performance issues. I’m pleased to see NVIDIA release a driver fairly quickly especially when you consider the negative reports regarding performance with Far Cry Primal. In the next few days, we’re hoping to acquire a code for the game and publish an in-depth performance analysis.

Windows 7/8/8.1 64-bit users can download the latest driver from here while Windows 10 64-bit users need to download the driver from this link.