Nvidia Release Their Windows 8.1 Preview Drivers

If you’ve had a chance or the time to grab hold of a copy of the free Windows 8.1 Preview then you’re definitely going to need to get the latest Nvidia or AMD drivers to see the true performance of the new operating system.

Nvidia has been quick off the mark to release its Windows 8.1 Preview drivers in the form of GeForce 326.01 WHQL. These drivers support all GeForce graphics cards since the 6 series (that is the days of GeForce 6100/6200 and so on) and have been available since the first day of release for the Windows 8.1 Preview. Furthermore notebook GPUs are supported too. With support for the latest GTX 760 GPU the list is completely up to date.

Download your Nvidia Windows 8.1 Preview drivers here.

“NVIDIA has long been committed to working with Microsoft to ensure the best possible Windows experience for GeForce users. Our close working relationship with Microsoft allows us to provide WHQL-certified GeForce drivers via Windows Update on Day 1 for key milestones such as this Release Preview.

It’s a substantial effort that requires hundreds of man years of engineering time and thousands of hours of testing and certification, but it’s essential to ensure optimal performance and stability for the world’s largest gaming and productivity platform.” stated Nvidia.

Image courtesy of Nvidia