NVIDIA Release GeForce 337.61 BETA Hotfix Driver

Following the release of NVIDIA’s R337.50 drivers set, a number of issues have been highlighted which affect users with Dell’s 4K Ultra HD monitors and additionally systems with the same driver that have Hyper-V enabled. Users with the R337.50 driver and Dell’s 4K panels, particularly the P3214Q and the UP2414Q may have been experiencing situations where only half of the display would be active at any given time or in some cases, no output at all.

In addition Hyper-V users would be faced with a Code 43 error message after installing the driver set. All other features of the 337.50 drivers remain the same and whilst this only affects a small number of users, upgrading to the latest drivers is always recommended. The latest drivers can be downloaded from NVIDIA here: 64-bit / 32-bit

Source: TechPowerUp