Nvidia Reccomends GTX 980 and 980Ti for VR Gaming

With the rise of VR and associated gaming, hardware requirements are for sure to go up. Nvidia has been the first to come out with their recommended hardware to run VR at 1080p 90FPS. According to Nvidia, it would take at least  GTX980 in order to hit those frames, with a GTX 980Ti being preferable. While Nvidia is likely to try and sell higher tier hardware by recommending their top end cards, 1080p 90FPS VR probably can be pretty demanding depending on the title.

For regular 60FPS in AAA titles, the standards are much lower, with the 960 and 950 both hitting 1080p and the rest of the lineup scaling from there. Surprisingly, Nvidia suggests that the GTX 980Ti is enough to get 60FPS in 4K. While possible in some titles, that will generally require compromising on visual quality. Moving on to MOBA’s Nvidia’s suggestions are tamer, with the GTX 950 being able to hit 1080p at 120FPS.

Despite a shrinking PC market as a whole, Nvidia is still bullish about PC gaming and video games as a whole. Given the arrival of widespread VR starting later this year and in 2016, it could prompt a resurgence in PC sales as gamers jump back to PC to experience VR. A final note is that for the dGPU market in Japan, Nvidia currently holds about 75%-80% marketshare which means AMD has about 20-25% in that country.

Thank you PCWatch for providing us with this information