Nvidia Prepping Full GM204 990M for Gaming Laptops

With the inevitable march towards efficiency due to improved architectures and process technology, laptop GPUs have never been closer to their full-fledged desktop cousins. Right now Nvidia’s top mobile GPU, the GTX 980M, only has 1536 shaders, less than the number found in the GTX 970. That’s all set to change with the arrival of the 990M, based off the same GM204 as the once flagship GTX 980.

With 20148 shaders, the 990M will have 33% more shaders than the 980M. While clocks will likely be below that of the desktop 980, performance should still be on par with the 970. This would put performance below previous rumours but should still be respectable for 1440p gaming though 4K is still a ways away. Even with the lower clocks and Maxwell’s inherent efficiency, laptops boasting the 990M will likely still require a substantial power delivery system and an equally beefy cooling system.

With 28nm long in the tooth and 16nm just a few months away, it begs the question why Nvidia is introducing a new mobile flagship. One possibility is that Nvidia wants to target gamers who want both performance and mobility. Another reason might also be AMD’s Nano GPU. With the Nano, AMD has substantially improved their efficiency, meaning a cut-down Fiji die may very well compete in the same segment as the 990M. Nvidia may simply be introducing this card to retain their mobile crown. Whatever the reason, the card is set to launch later this year.

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