Nvidia Mobile GPU Overclocking to Return in Next Driver Update

It was only six days ago that we could report that the latest Nvidia drivers disabled the overclocking abilities on mobile GTX900 chips and later issued the statement that the overclocking wasn’t an intended feature in their mobile series.

But users weren’t happy with this and the thread on the official GeForce forums grew and grew. Even if they would void the warranty on the hardware, users would like the ability to overclock their hardware. After all, they bought it, paid for it and own it; it’s really their choice.

Nvidia has now listened to their user base and will re-introduce the ability to overclock mobile GPUs with the next drivers. For now, users can revert back to the previous drivers to re-enable the feature – that is if you can’t wait for the next version to be released.

Thanks to Nvidia for providing us with this information