NVIDIA GTX 770 2GB Graphics Card Review

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Following the release of the GTX 780 last week, the GTX 770 gives another high performance option to the 700 series range, but crucially the price point is more end user friendly in comparison to the £500 price tag that hangs over the GTX 780. Coming in at a more reasonable price of £329, the 770 offers a better level of bang-for-buck and with the prospect of  around 70% performance gain through GPU scaling in a two way SLI configuration, there is certainly a got to see and play with.

I’m not going to talk too much about the cooler as you may imagine as it is exactly the same as seen on the GTX 780 and Titan and offers up all the same pros as the 780 cooler. Like the GTX 780, we have to remember that the partners will be able to change the cooler and put their twist on the reference PCB designs as well as give the GK104 an overclock to boost its performance even more.

Users in the position up upgrade may be torn between the GTX 770 and GTX 780 and when it comes to deciding which to get, my suggestion would be to mainly put your choice down to how much you can afford. Certainly it has to be said that the GTX 780 offers up a shed load more performance, but at nearly £200 less, the difference between the two cards clearly sings in favour of the GTX 770 in my opinion.

Highlighting another point I made at the start of the review, I want to make it clear again that the rumours surrounding the possibility of flashing a GTX 680 in to a 770 are all false and anyone that believes the screen shots that are floating about, should take in to account that any card can be made to look like something else purely through the tital that is placed in the .INF profiling file for the card. On a more technical note, unless you have the facilities to unsolder and resolder the GDDR5 on the board with that faster IC’s and also adjust the power region of the PCB then there is no change of turning one into the other.

With the imminent arrival of Haswell as mentioned before, now is the ripe opportunity to upgrade and give your system a whole new lease of life. With the top cards in the 700 series in the market (with plenty of stock available on launch), the remainder of the 700 series stack will soon appear with Ti models for example appearing later in the year.

eTeknix Says: On a price for performance aspect, the GTX 770 has a whole heap to give and if this is not enough, stick two in SLI and unleash the power of GPU scaling.

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