NVIDIA GTX 770 2GB Graphics Card Review

As I mentioned with the GTX 780, NVIDIA’s reference cards have a tendency to give some impressive overclocks and its known the the GK104 can clock pretty well as well.

Working on the GPU core to start, the power target is raised as far as it will go by 20% extra, and working in 20MHx increments, the core clock soon passes the 1200MHz mark, eventually topping out at a massive 1225MHz – giving an overclock of 179MHz and a boost speed of 1264MHz.

The new memory does leave me in a position of not knowing where it will en up so diving in to the unknown, working the clock up by 40MHz at a time, the 2000MHz soon came and to my surprise, the GTX 770 handled this with ease and continued to rise up to a final speed of 2028MHz where the display driver then started to crash – resulting in an overclock of 275MHz and a new effective speed of a whopping 8.12Gbps.

Following the impressive overclock, especially on the memory front, the straight line performance within 3DMark 11 also saw a good rise, with just under 15% gain had from a gain of ~17% on the core and 15% on the memory. This leaves good prospects for partner overclocked models hitting the market with a boost in stock performance.