More Nvidia GeForce GTX 950 Pictures and Specifications Leaked

While many of you may prefer high-end cards like the Fury and 980 Ti,  AMD and Nvidia sell more and make more from the below $200 segment. Right now, Nvidia has mostly rebrands in this segment. That is about to change on August 20th with the launch of the GTX 950. Today, we bring you more leaks about AIB partner cards.

First off, Gigabyte looks to have 2 cards launching right away. Both are factory overclocked, but we have now word yet on the clock speeds. One features a WindForce 2X cooling solution and the other with a single 90mm fan. You can see the SLI finger meaning SLI will be possible with the 950. You can also see the 6 pin power meaning it won’t fit the niche the 750 Ti did with lower end power supplies.

Moving on, we have a ZOTAC GeForce GTX 950 (ZT-90601-10L) which is the reference clocked model while the GTX 950 OC (ZT-90602-10M) is factory overclocked @ 1102/1279 MHz with a custom cooling solution. Last of all, we have the GTX 950 AMP! @ 1203/1403 MHz with 7 GHz GDDR5 (up from 6 Ghz) with a backplate for added measure.

Given the similarity between the 90mm Zotac, PNY, and Gigabyte, that might be what the reference Nvidia 950 might look like, with the partners differentiating slightly with different fans and shrouds. The 950 should be a pretty cool card as even the factory OC WindForce 2X shuns heatpipes. Overall, the card looks to be a pretty good successor to the 750 Ti though the power requirements look set to increase. Hopefully, we receive more information about the 950 Ti as well.

Thank you Videocardz for providing us with this information