Nvidia GeForce GTX 780 3GB Graphics Card Review

So here we have it the GTX 780 in all its shiny goodness. As we can see, the reference card follows the exact same cooler ID as found on Titan, but whereas Titan came with one cooler design and one only, NVIDIA’s partners this time round are allowed to put their own twist on the cards, and this is going to be welcomed. with this free play in deviating away from reference designs, we can sure look forward to some impressive SKUs hitting the markets today, now that the NDA has lifted.

So the big question is, what is the performance like? In a nut shell, its amazing. NVIDIA claim that the GTX 780 give close performance to that of Titan, but at a fraction of the price – which I will come on to in a moment. Right across the benchmark range, the GTX 780 is only a slight fall behind that of the super card and this then leads back to the question of which should I buy? The uptake of Titan was far greater than NVIDIA imagined it would be and to date it has outsold the GTX 690 by a long shot. Whilst Titan is massively popular, if you’re gaming on a single screen, the the GTX 780 is going to be far better suited for you, but if you’re multi-screen gaming at ultra resolutions then the addition 3GB of vRAM that can be found on the Titan will be of a benefit.


There are a number of additional advantages of getting the GTX 780, most of these down to small features such as the improved fan controller that gives a smoother audible output of the coolers fan, but the massive advantage is the price. At £549 the GTX 780 is by no means cheap, however it is considerably less than Titan and if you’re gaming on a single screen then to be honest I would recommend you look at this card.

For those of you that have awaited the arrival of the 700 series to upgrade from a GTX 580 for example, now is the time to do so. Whilst there are some good gains to be seen over a previous generation GTX 680, the difference that will be seen over a GTX 580 is far greater with around a 70% performance gain to be had.

Some may find the launch of the 700 series cards conveniently times in relation to the upcoming launch of Haswell and whilst there have been changes in launch dates, NVIDIA stress that this is purely coincidental, however from a new buyers point of view, this is the ripe opportunity to upgrade and with the imminent launch of Intel’s new 4th Generation chips, the combination will see some amazing results – re-writing the definition of high quality, high resolution gaming.

To round this review off, the GTX 780 brings high quality, high resolution gaming on a single screen to more people with a amazing price based on its near performance levels to Titan, if you think this is impressive, wait to see what else NVIDIA have in store for you, both on a software front, but also with the rest of the New GTX 700 series graphics cards.