Nvidia back “Miracast” open wireless display standard

Miracast is an open standard for the wireless broadcasting of video signals, much like Apple’s AirPlay and Intel’s WiDi except not having the pitfalls of being a closed proprietary standard. Nvidia is the latest company to back the Miracast open standard which is set to go very far in the market as mobile devices grow in popularity.

The standard, which was formed by the WiFi alliance, is set for release soon and Nvidia has announced software that will enable it to take advantage of Miracast along with full backing. In addition the 4+1 core design of Nvidia’s Tegra 3 has been optimised to provide high performance and low latency streaming through the Miracast standard.

Nvidia joins Marvell, Texas Instruments and Broadcom in signing up to this new standard. It will probably be a while before the standard catches on but with such big names behind it, the prospects look good.


“Miracast is based on Wi-Fi Direct technology, which can be implemented on any device featuring modern wireless capabilities, without the need for a wireless network. The WiFi Alliance claims that the technology is inherently low-latency and efficient, as it’s direct and, with less consideration to multiple MAC addresses reducing overhead.”