Not Logged into Windows Store? Quantum Break Thinks You’re a Pirate!

Quantum Break was recently launched on the PC, and even though some people are reporting horrible FPS issues even on high-end hardware, we’re not going to focus on the game’s performance right now but rather on its anti-piracy system. Apparently, the Quantum Break anti-piracy DRM automatically assumes that you are a pirate as long as you try to play the game without being logged into the Windows Store. The problem with this system is that users might sometimes lose connection to the Windows Store without any fault of their own, in which case the DRM could trigger even though they have legally purchased the game.

So what does this DRM do anyway? Well, it forces the game’s main character, Jack Joyce, to wear a pirate eye-patch, but we don’t know exactly if gameplay is actually affected in any way. Alan Wake featured a similar DRM, which was basically harmless, but other games such as Serious Sam 3 had systems installed that made the game unplayable for pirates. So there you have it: if you want to play Quantum Break on the PC without looking like an actual pirate, just make sure that you are logged into the Windows Store at all times.