Nokia Lumia 520 Deflects Bullet, Thats Almost As Strong As The 3210

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The humble Nokia phone was once regarded as the strongest thing on the planet, the classic Nokia 3210 and similar era phones could be dropped in drinks, kicked, thrown, I even saw someone accidentally reverse a car over one and still survive with relative ease, or at the very worst a simple repair that could be done by the user was needed. Now the Nokia Lumia 520 looks set to reclaim the throne for Nokia as it stops a bullet from hitting its target.

A Brazilian military police officer was entering his parents home to have his uniform washed, only to find that his parents were being held hostage by two criminals. Upon seeing the officer’s uniform they opened fire, he fled out of harms way, only to be shot in the back pocket. The Nokia 520 took the bullet for him, had it not stopped the bullet the officer would have been shot in the butt, ouch.

The phone was completely destroyed of course, but I’m sure the owner isn’t too fussed and fortunately his arrival was still enough to cause the two criminals to flee the scene. Hopefully someone at Nokia or Microsoft will help the guy out with a new handset and hopefully the police will catch up with the two criminals that escaped the scene.

Thank you Pocket Lint for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of Pocket Lint.

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2 Comments on Nokia Lumia 520 Deflects Bullet, Thats Almost As Strong As The 3210

  • Avatar George Gourlay says:

    Well if this is true then i reckon Nokia should be taking the phone for advertising and giving the guy a new one..

  • Avatar David says:

    Well actually the very same thing happened a few months ago with a HTC phone. Was in a dudes shirt pocket at work. Somebody came in to rob the place, shot the guy and the bullet got lodged in the HTC.
    Sorry, but Nokia still completely fail.
    Also the 3210 wasn’t really all the tough. It was the 3310 that could survive a nuclear explosion.

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