Nokia Asha 502 Smartphone Pictured

EVLeaks have released some fresh new images of a phone believed to be the Nokia Asha 502. The Nokia smartphone, pictured above, will be the latest to join their Asha range of budget smartphones. The picture itself reveals very little but there are a few things we can see. Firstly the handset is available in six colours – blue, green, red, yellow, white and black. Next the handset has a rear facing camera that is 5MP and uses an LED flash.

Like other smartphones in the Nokia Asha series the phone appears to be running the Nokia Asha Platform OS which is Nokia’s proprietary operating system for “borderline” smartphones that aren’t quite capable of offering a fluid experience on the Windows Phone 8 OS. Nokia’s Asha 502 is expected to have dual SIM capabilities and it will come with a variety of pre-loaded apps (pictured above: Line, Twitter, etc) but the range of apps is more limited than other operating systems due to its proprietary nature. Expect more details to arrive soon.

Image courtesy of EVLeaks