Noise Cancelling Tech Could Boost Internet Speeds

According to some new research, the same technology that is used in noise cancelling headphones and other audio device could in fact speed up internet connections. While most people will be familiar with the technology on high end headphones, gaming headsets and Bluetooth mobile phone ear pieces, best used to block out the external noise that can distract from your audio.

The technology works by listening to the outside world, or at least what ever sound hits the back end of your headphones, it then plays a frequency into your eye to counteract that sound and effectively cancel it out, giving you the illusion that the noisy train your sat on, or the screaming baby nearby, or the busy pedestrian area you in, are all nothing but a whisper, so how on earth can this technology help speed up your internet I hear you asking?

A report by Nature Photonics says that this technology could be applied to improve the overall quality, reliability and of course speed of our internet connections by eliminating the signal background noise, allow for improved data transmission and less data loss via fiber optic connections.

By using a light beam transmission that is designed to cancel out any noise associated with the main signal, network speeds could be boosted by a staggering 400%, allowing for speeds of 400 gigabits per second over cables of 12,800 km, which is obviously very fast.

Any improvement to international data connections is a big win and it’s something that could have global benefits in the never ending struggle to keep up with data transmission rate demands that are growing year on year. Of course it’s still early days and there’s no word on how this could be fully implemented into global networks, but it’s a step in the right direction to solving some of the worlds more complex networking problems.