Noctua Presents Two Asymmetrical 140mm CPU Coolers

Noctua announced two new CPU coolers for people who would like the improved airflow and decrease noise production that a 140mm fan has to offer, but at the same time worry about clearance space for RAM and PCI-Express slots. The two new fans are the NH-D15S that is a single fan version of the elite-class dual tower model NH-D15 and the second being the NH-C14S that replaces the proven top-flow cooler NH-C14.

“140mm coolers have become the default choice for enthusiasts who seek superior cooling performance for overclocking or near-silent operation, but these tend to block the top PCIe slot on many current motherboards,” says Mag. Roland Mossig, Noctua CEO. “With the NH-D15S and NH-C14S, we’ve updated our successful 140mm dual tower and top flow coolers with asymmetrical layouts that ensure the best PCIe compatibility.”

The NH-C14S is the successor to the award-winning NH-C14 an it is an elite-class top-flow CPU cooler. Thanks to its deeper fin stack and the renowned NF-A14 PWM fan, the single fan NH-C14S provides similar quiet cooling performance to its dual fan predecessor while being even more versatile.

You have the choice whether you want RAM clearance or an extreme low profile cooler. With the fan installed on top of the fins, the cooler is compatible with RAM modules of up to 70mm height and with the fan installed underneath the fins, the total height of the cooler is only 115mm.


The ND-D15S is tailored for both RAM and PCIe compatibility thanks to the clearance gained from the asymmetrical single fan design.

The recessed lower fins guarantee 100% RAM compatibility with memory modules of up to 65mm height and users who have sufficient room can also upgrade the cooler with either a 120mm or round 140mm fan on the front fin stack for even more performance in dual fan mode.


Both of the new CPU coolers come with Noctua’s trusted, pro-grade SecuFirm2 multi-socket mounting system, the proven NT-H1 thermal compound, and a Low-Noise Adaptors.

The NH-C14S is currently shipping and will be available shortly whereas the NH-D15S will ship sometime in June. The manufacturer’s suggested retail prices are €74.90 for the top flow NH-C14S and €79.90 for the tower NH-D15S cooler. Both come backed by a full 6 years manufacturer warranty.