No Regrets From Man Who Spent $22,500 (so far) on Star Citizen

I managed to muster a modest $60 edition of Star Citizen, I’ve not got the flashiest ship in the game, but it is more than enough for me to get started and given that selling ships is the perk used by Roberts Space Industries to fund the ever-growing development of the game, I couldn’t resist. However, my investment pales in comparison to that of 39-year-old Wulf Knight, who has so far invested an incredible $22,500 in the game.

“I’m a professional, I’m married to a professional, and I have no debts, so I have resources to put into my hobby,” he said. “You could spend this much restoring a car. I know people who have $3,000 paintball markers.” said Knight. “Chris Roberts launched so many IT careers, it isn’t even funny,” Knight remarked. “And now, after 10 years, he’s making another space sim? It’s like Tolkien coming back from the dead!” he added.

So far Knight is one of the 200 people who bought the $2,500 Javelin Destroyer, as well as $10,000 on the Wing Commander package, an incredible bundle that came with 44 ships and access to the games “1 Million Mile High Club” VIP Lounge.

He’s absolutely right too, I know people who’ve spent similar amounts on their hobbies, so I don’t see how this is any different. Would you spend that much on a game, or any hobby for that matter? I guess that would also depend on how much disposable income you had to begin with.

He has also been invited to go and play the game with Star Citizen creator Chris Roberts, but declined as “he has better things to do,” which did make me chuckle.