Nissan Mistakes DriveClub Screenshots For Reality

NissanUSA’s official Twitter account made an embarrassing blunder confusing DriveClub screenshots of a Nissan 370Z with genuine photographs. As you can see from the capture below, NissanUSA seemed convinced by the in-game footage and hilarity ensured when they were told of the picture’s provenance.

All credit to NissanUSA though because they responded in good humour and appreciated the visual brilliance of modern racing games. To be fair, graphical masterpieces such as Assetto Corsa, Project Cars and DriveClub are almost photo-realistic at first glance. Upon deeper inspection, you begin to notice issues with ground textures and a lack of detail surrounding the grandstands.

The visual standards are only going to improve with HBM, DirectX 12 optimization and Unreal Engine 4. Coupled with VR and premium steering wheels, it’s perfectly feasible to foresee racing games being almost lifelike. Other genres not so much as modelling huge, evolving worlds is a complex task and requires complicated physics. Furthermore, the current generation consoles are quite unpowered and struggling to reach 1080p 60fps. This is disappointing and I expected a bigger performance leap from the last slew of home consoles. However, future graphical releases based on a 14nm process might yield huge strides forward on the PC front.

How do you feel about the current graphical horsepower?

Thank you Wario64 for providing us with this information.

Image courtesy of DualShockers.