Nintendo File Lawsuit Against HackYourConsole.Com, Accused Of Selling Illegal Software is quite a popular website on the console scene. Apparently popular enough to attract the attention of Nintendo who have now filed a lawsuit against according to Softpedia.

In the lawsuit Nintendo accused of  “blatantly promoting and selling” unauthorised games for Nintendo DS systems and Wii consoles. The website is accused by Nintendo of selling services and devices which facilitate and encourage the use of illegally downloaded games by consumers. The lawsuit is part of a wider agenda at Nintendo to combat piracy of its video games and services.

“Piracy on the Nintendo DS system has a huge impact on games sales,” commented Jools Watsham, co-founder and director of Renegade Kid…It can affect everyone involved, including the many honest players out there. If independent studios, like ours, are unable to recoup the money they invest into game development, through the sales of their games, we will unfortunately see fewer independent games developed in the future”, said Jools Watsham, co-founder and director of Renegade Kid.

Is piracy really killing the sales of Nintendo games or do you think Nintendo are just looking for scape-goats to the lower than expected sales they have experienced on the Nintendo DS platform?

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