New Xbox App and Cortana Shown in Windows 10 Leak

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A new build of Windows 10 has leaked onto the internet today, showing a number of new tweaks and additions, most notably with Cortana and a new Xbox app.

The Verge reports that this build shows off more of Cortana’s interface, as a previous leak only gave us an idea of how it would work, rather than how it would look. The virtual assistant is closely integrated with the OS, offering quick access via the search feature of Windows 10. It apparently works in pretty much the same way it did in that earlier video, however it all looks somewhat more complete.

Another addition in this build is a new Xbox app, which appears to give more comprehensive access to Xbox Live with achievements, the store, friends and more. Think of it like having an Xbox on your desktop, without the ability to play Xbox games.

Besides all that there are some UI tweaks and additions, as well as a new settings app – supposedly signalling the end of the humble Control Panel.

All the preview builds so far have been labelled ‘Technical Preview’ so it’s expected that this build is to resemble the features Microsoft is set to unveil at their recently announced event on January 21, with an increased focus on consumer features instead. After that there will probably be a ‘Consumer Preview’ that will most likely resemble the finished product.

Be sure to visit the source link to see some more screenshots.

Image Credit and Source: The Verge

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2 Comments on New Xbox App and Cortana Shown in Windows 10 Leak

  • Avatar Topias Olavi Salakka says:

    The Xbox app is kinda useless, atleast for me. I already got a beastly gaming rig, no need for a console.

    • Avatar ImUrAssassin says:

      If you can use it to control media on the Xbox PC users might then have a use for it. I only use my Xbox for Movies and shit like that. No reason to buy a Smart TV with a 360 sitting in the corner.

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