New Trailer For Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

With the San Diego Comic Con currently on going, it is no surprise to see a few new trailers released for upcoming comic inspired movies. This trailer does give us a better look at the upcoming feature and the trailers shows us a lot more information regarding Ben Afflecks interpretation of the caped crusader. So far Batman is starting to look incredibly awesome, the trailer also gives us a glimpse of Superman’s perspective as he is blamed for the destruction of Metropolis. We are given our first look at Wonderwoman although it’s very brief, we also get a look of Jesse Eisenberg’s role of Lex Luthor, as he seems to play a pivotal role in the film.

So far Batman V Superman is looking pretty great, hopefully we will see more of Batman and Superman fighting each other rather than them fighting for screen time.

Here we can see a sneaky shot of Robins costume littered with graffiti with joker being the clear culprit, it’s possible joker will be playing a role in the movie and maybe even robin.

In the next screenshot, we can see of Lex Luthor glancing over some kryptonite in a glass case, definitely will play a big plot point in the film.

Are you pumped for Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice?