New Thecus NAS Hardware at Computex 2014

Like many of the manufacturers that have stands, displays and demonstrations running at Computex, Thecus are working on their home turf and this means that they have a lot of their product range on display, both as individual units, and in a multi-system configuration to demonstrate enterprise setups.

As we’ve heard over the last few weeks, Thecus have updated their current product lines to support the latest 6TB hard drives that are available from Seagate. Whilst on the consumer end of the scale 6TB drives are not that cost-effective at this moment in time, when we ramp things right up to the enterprise end of the scale, the cost savings that are possible through a much denser storage array is monumental.

To show how scalable their systems are, Thecus have three racks of high-end systems set up, not only to prove that they have some of the best systems going for the enterprise market, but to also tease everyone else on the consumer market with storage arrays that easily top the 1PB (PetaByte) barrier.

Not only do Thecus have support for the latest and greatest drives that give their systems the massive storage capacities, a number of their high-end systems, both in a desktop and rackmount configuration have support for 10Gigabit Ethernet, ensuring that the network connection is no bottleneck for the demands of a multi-user environment.

Moving to the other end of the product scale and looking at the consumer products that are on show, Intelligent NAS is a big part of Thecus’ push into the consumer market. On display we find the N2560, a two bay entry-level NAS built on a dual core SoC, offering a stepping stone platform for the novice user into the NAS market. Keep an eye out on eTeknix as we will have a review on this unit coming up in the next few weeks.

Below the N2560 we find the N4310, a four based model of the N2310 that I reviewed just last week. Like the N2560, the N4310 is built on the Intelligent NAS platform, offering a cost-effective solution for the SOHO user.

To show that even their entry-level systems are capable of offering up all the features that the home based user has, a demo setup shows a single unit with a laptop, iPad and media display to show all of the portals through which you can access and manage your data.

As a final display to show off the scale of their product range, an evolution style line up of systems starts at one end with the N2310 as we have seen before, ranging through to a selection of four bay systems and on to the class leading TopTower series which feature full 10GbE support.