New Technology Might Charge Your next Smartphone in a Single Minute

We all know that feeling, the phone starts to blink, beep, and vibrate to tell us that it’s running out of battery. While that won’t change anytime soon, what might change is the time it will take for you to charge your phone up again.

There has been news about new and impressive battery inventions before, but none of them have made it to the market. This could change now with the Israeli startup known as StoreDot that discovered this new charging technology by accident.

While researching Alzheimer’s disease, the researchers discovered a particular peptide molecule with a high capacitance that allows it to hold an electrical charge. Using this technology would allow batteries to absorb the energy much faster than the current technology and StoreDot says it will be able to charge their battery in just one minute.

StoreDot is already in talks with 15 smartphone makers in the hope to get a cooperation up and going before the end of this year. The catch on the new technology is that it might hold a little less overall capacity and add a slight premium to the cost of the phone.

The company doesn’t plan to stop with the small portable devices and is already thinking about the automobile industry. A five-minute charge would allow an electric card to make a 150-mile journey.

Thanks to TweakTown for providing us with this information