New Screenshots From Kingdom Come: Deliverance Beta Revealed

Kingdom Come: Deliverance is easily one of the most interesting games on the horizon right now, with its promise of an epic story, as well as rich game mechanics that should give the RGB gaming scene the realism it desires the most. To get you in the mood for the game, the team at Warhorse Studios will be launching a beta phase tomorrow, allowing people to get hands-on with the game and see what it is really made of.

In celebration of the upcoming beta of Kingdom Come: Deliverance, six new screenshots have been released and wow, do they look fantastic! Without a doubt, the games graphics engine can really impress, and we can’t wait to see what kind of hardware it takes to get to the level shown off in the images. The world looks very nicely detailed, with a great lighting engine, lots of realistic characters and so much more. With The Witcher 3 having given us a fantastic RPG world to explore, the pressure is certainly on for this game to do well.

“A humble, young blacksmith loses everything to war. As he tries to fulfill the dying wish of his father, Fate drags him into the thick of a conspiracy to save a kidnapped king and stop a bloody conflict. You will wander the world, fighting as a knight, lurking in the shadows as a rogue, or using the bard’s charm to persuade people to your cause. You will dive deep into a sweeping, epic, nonlinear story from Daniel Vávra, an award-winning designer from the Mafia series. Our unique, first-person combat system lets you wield sword or bow in both one-on-one skirmishes and large-scale battles. All of this – and more – brought to life beautifully with next-genvisuals delivered via CryEngine 3.” – Warhorse Studios

The new beta will be the first introduction to the game’s story, as well as the bulk of the game mechanics, and a bigger map than was made available in the games alpha stage. Even better, the new beta will give us the first important key battle/siege, new weapons and maybe even more!