New Resident Evil 2 is Not a Remaster

Back in August, Capcom announced that it was working on a new version of its classic survival horror game Resident Evil 2. Following the success of the recent HD version of the first Resident Evil game, plus a translation from Capcom’s second-quarter 2015 financial report, it was assumed that the re-release of the second game in the series would be a remaster, much like the hugely successful release of the first game. However, it now seems that report was mistranslated and that the game will be a from-the-ground-up remake.

The matter has been cleared up by Stuart Turner, Marketing Director for Capcom UK, via Twitter:

The English translation of Capcom’s Q2 2015 financial report has also been amended [PDF, Page 13], changing the word ”remaster” to “full remake version”.

When Capcom first canvassed fans via its Facebook group, it asked for opinions on the Unreal Engine 4 remake of Resident Evil 2 and whether Capcom itself should take on the endeavour. Later that day, Yoshiaki Hirabayashi – a Capcom producer who worked as a programmer on the original game – posted to the Facebook page, in relation to Resident Evil 2, writing that he aimed to create “a worth-seeing game to answer these fans full of passion.”

No release date for the Resident Evil 2 remake, nor which platforms it will be available on, have been announced.