New NZXT Chassis To Be Unveiled Tomorrow, Could Be Called The H630!

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“SHHH….” is the message that greets and fan of NZXT when they visit the home page, and there is no doubt that this little teaser is pointing towards a brand new chassis from one of the leading brands in the chassis market.


This chassis has got to be something special, given that it follows in the pretty big footprints of the Phantom 820 and 630, and other products from the Switch and Phantom ranges that have proven them selves to be truly epic over the last few years

The counter on the site has been ticking down for a while now, but it looks set to his zero at 5PM BST and you can be sure we’ll be watching like a hawk when that ticker vanishes and something… if anything, is shown.

NZXT has been giving sneak peeks for days, with each picture ranging from a blurry mess to some clear shots that detail more and more about this new product.


Heavy duty sound proofing on the side panels for noise reduction suggests either a silent system build ideal… or perhaps something to counteract the effects of heavy duty cooling fans? Given NZXT’s recent history, I’d guess the latter.


So what can we take from the images NZXT have revealed, well for starters we can see the usual NZXT fixtures and fittings on the HDD bays and Optical drives, so its already clear this is going to be a higher end model. There is an internal fan mount on the left side of the HDD bay.


Most interestingly that looks like an NZXT 200mm or even a 230mm fan in the front! and with another set of  mountings above that, could this chassis hold 2 x 200mm fans in the front! If it can, this is going to be huge!


Another indication of the scale of the chassis can be seen in this image above. With twin SSD mounts on the rear and two full HDD bays at the front, this packs a lot of storage and I’m pretty sure I could build a house in the cable management area behind the motherboard, the clearance from the side panel to the back plate looks HUGE!

But that’s not the best bit of information I’ve discovered either, a look on the page source for shows a big panel of H’s, about 630 if my eyes are correct and if those front fans are to be what I think they are, then this is going to be the Phantom 630 on a diet of steroids… excited? I know I am!


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3 Comments on New NZXT Chassis To Be Unveiled Tomorrow, Could Be Called The H630!

  • Avatar Iceman says:

    I want it, don’t even need to see it haha, I knew there was a reason I didn’t buy a new case yet!

  • Avatar d6bmg says:

    And when can we expect the mostly anticipated review from you guys??

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