New Nintendo 3DS Coming to US and Europe

Remember that ‘new’ Nintendo 3DS that is slightly more powerful and includes more buttons? Well now it’s coming to Europe and the United States.

Nintendo announced the news in a Nintendo Direct presentation. They said that the US will receive a New 3DS XL, but no New standard 3DS. Europe on the other hand will get both, the bigger XL model and the smaller one. In the US the console will cost $199.99, but no price has been announced for the European model as of yet.

The consoles are indeed faster, with Nintendo claiming that it will load games quicker. It also has better Wi-Fi, allowing faster downloads and it also includes NFC support for those Amiibo figures.

It’s also worth mentioning that the console doesn’t come packaged with a power adaptor – something Nintendo has been doing in Japan for years. Why? Well it lowers the overall cost of the console for the many millions that already have a power adaptor from their old console, perhaps representative of Nintendo’s traditionally conservative Japanese attitude to business. Obviously that is at the inconvience of those who don’t have an adapter, but they don’t cost all that much on their own anyway.

The consoles will be available from February 13th, 2015.

Source: Engadget