New Microsoft CEO Announced, Satya Nadella To Steer The Wheel

Microsoft officially announced the company’s new CEO, Steve Ballmer’s successor, after a long-awaited selection period. Satya Nadella, former Microsoft VP of Cloud and Enterprise group, joined Microsoft in 1992, having a pretty interesting background.

Mr. Nadella, age 46, was born in India and studied electrical engineering at the Mangalore University. He the moved to the US where he studied a master’s degree in Computer Science at the University of Winsconsin, followed by a Business Administration degree at the University of Chicago. A former Sun Microsystems employee, he joined Microsoft and worked on the Windows NT operating system, having been familiar with UNIX 32-bit systems at his former working place.

His career at Microsoft continued to advance, becoming VP of R&D for the Online Services Divisions, vice president of the Microsoft Business Division and most recently as president of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business where he led a transformation and major shift to cloud infrastructure and services. Nadella is now the third Microsoft CEO, having Bill Gates stepping down as chairman and becoming a technical advisor. His place is now effectively taken by John Thompson, who was heading Microsoft’s CEO search committee.

Microsoft has been receiving customer criticism for a long time due to their slow evolution of its Windows and Office products. On the other hand, Microsoft continues to take the lead in the PC market, where most of its profits come from, as well as having the entertainment sphere, Xbox, and the cloud division as a profit maker as well. Mobile products such as Windows Mobile and handsets running the OS or web products such as Bing search engine have been long-shots for Microsoft, as other brands and companies were there first to take the crowd away.

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