New i3 processors to be released Q3 2011

Intel has planned the launch of 3 Dual core i3 processors for later this year. They are all low end processors so will be aiming for the standard desktop PC market such as the likes of Dell and HP sub-£500 systems. The processors are as follows:

  • i3 2130 2 Cores @ 3.4GHz 3MB cache
  • i3 2125 2 Cores @ 3.3GHz 3MB cache
  • i3 2120T 2 Cores @3.3GHz 3MB cache

Both the 2130 and 2125 are based on the current 32nm architecture and have Thermal design power of 65 W. The only difference between the 2125 and the current 2120 is that it comes with integrated HD 3000 graphics as opposed to HD 2000 graphics. The HD 3000 graphics are clocked slightly higher at 850MHz core clock resulting in better performance for those looking for an all in one integrated solution.

The 2120T is an energy efficient CPU so much like the 2100T will come with a reduced TDP most likely 35-45W. All three processors will be based on the LGA 1155 (sandy bridge) socket. These new CPU’s will probably launch around September in time for new back to school computer stocks.

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