New High-End Cooling, Case and PSU Brand “Raijintek” Coming Soon

It isn’t very often that we see any new brands hit the market. Reeven were the most recent new brand I can remember, a company involved in making cooling components such as fans and CPU coolers. However, we are getting word from our sources of a new brand looking set to hit the market. More interestingly they aren’t just planning to enter quietly with a specific niche of products, they are looking to shake the market up with an entire new range of high end power supplies, PC enclosures and cooling solutions.

This new brand is called Raijintek, and there slogan is “creating passion”, both of which you can see in the above image. All of their products are going to be designed in Germany, by employees formerly working for bigger well-known brands, and then they will be produced in Taiwan – typically where we see most products for the computer hardware industry produced.

There isn’t much more to tell but the Raijintek website will be up in the next 3 to 4 weeks. Following that we should expect to see some of their new products at Computex 2013. If you are interested in staying up to date on the latest developments with Raijintek, and we recommend you do because this could be a big development, then be sure to like their Facebook page.