New Game Of Thrones Game Rumored To Be Released By Telltale Games

Rumor has it that a Game of Thrones game from Telltale Games is in development. In an article posted by Bit-Tech, multiple sources from IGN close to the matter confirmed that work on the IP is under way.

No information which links the game to George R.R. Martin’s books or the HBO TV adaptation of the books has been given though. Telltale Games itself has declined to comment officially, adding that these sorts of rumours about what it is working on crop up from time to time.

A Game of Thrones game has already been released as an RPG title in May 2012 from Cyanide. The game received poor reviews and many considered the title to be rushed and suffering from a lack of polish. Telltale Games’ most recent release is The Wolf Among us, based on the successful graphic novel series Fables. It is also working on season two of the popular Walking Dead series.

HBO’s book adaptation of the Game of Thrones books has catapulted the popular fantasy series of books into the mainstream and has become a huge success and fans expect the fourth series to begin in early 2014.

Thank you Bit-Tech for providing us with this information