New ARM Processor Architecture Supports 16 Cores

The latest information about ARM’s next processor architecture promises great times for the mobile industry with support for up to 16 cores as well as improved memory performance.

The peak bandwidth of the CCI-500 northbridge is twice that of the current CCI-400 and ARM claimed that the memory throughput has increased by 30%. The higher bandwidth means that the ARM processors will be able to achieve the performance needed for future 4K video phones.

CCI-500 adds a snoop filter that extends the snoop control between to work over the entire processor instead of just inside a single cluster and the query cache will help to reduce the amount of required memory bandwidth.

The expansion of ACE means that the future will have 16-core mobile processors available. One processor core architecture can have two sets of A72, A53 core groups for a total of 16 groups. ARM processors will also support 4-channel 128-bit bandwidth for any vendor.  Couple that with the Mali-T880 GPU and we got a lot of power.

Thanks to IT home for providing us with this information