New Afterglow Peripherals on Display @ CES 2016

CES 2016: Finding great peripherals for your console isn’t particularly difficult, there’s a great range of official hardware from Sony and Microsoft, but there’s one common factor, they’re often quite expensive. Afterglow have been making fantastic quality and great looking peripherals for years now, with the added bonus that they’re all officially licenced. They showed us their new PS4 remote, which was a long time coming for the PS4, given that the PS3 had a similar device for many years.

Their first keyboard is also on display, and while it may look a little tacky at first, it’s absolutely gorgeous to type on, with an almost mechanical feel to it and really good quality key caps. What’s special here is that it’s also completely water proof thanks to its enclosed design, handy if you spill a lot of drinks, or need a keyboard in your swimming pool.

Ther latest gaming headset, promising great value and performance, the LVL 5. We’re unsure of how this one sounds right now, as we didn’t get change to test it, but we’ve reached out to their team for a review sample and look forward to bringing you an update on this shortly.